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Electric Bikes, the next wave of bicycle technology!!

   I am going to give you my perspective, and some history......

Electric bicycles are not new, they have been around since the 90s, but up until now, have been heavy and were basically throttled electric powered scooters that you could pedal when you felt like it.

   Welcome 2020! With advancement in battery technology, and Mid Motor introduction and TRUE Pedal assistance, E Biking is the wave of the future. Whether you are commuting, or just wanting to extend you riding experience, E Bikes will enhance it I PROMISE!

   My Wife and I have been slowly reducing yearly our time as cyclists, not for the lack of interest but because of physical limitations, anyone over 45 can relate. Last year we reluctantly decided to give the Specialized Como E-Bikes a go, 2 words, GAME CHANGER!! Previous years we have been dwindling down on miles logged to a pathetic amount, as a Bike Shop Owner it was embarrassing, this last season we spent every weather permitting weekend riding. We rode from the shop to Lake Orion and back, we rode from the shop to Richmond and back, we rode from the shop to Pontiac and back, we rode the Polly Ann trail from start to finish and back! We LOVE our E-Bikes! Let me just say on a non assist bike the distance we are talking here is not very likely....

   Please come in and ask about riding the potential rejuvenating next wave of your life.

       " We Want To Be Your Bike Shop "      

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